Data Processing

Integrate multiple data sources to enable performance analytics and healthcare strategies.

ChimeData comprises claims-based administrative discharge data dating back to 1980.  In addition to inpatient data, ChimeData collects ambulatory surgery, emergency department non-admissions, outpatient observations, and urgent care center data from its hospital members.  In total, ChimeData collects, processes, and stores more than 2.2 million encounters every year.  
ChimeData provides:

  • The timely collection, integration, and transmission of hospital data.
  • An exclusive error-correction process that identifies data quality issues and addresses them to maximize the reliability of information.
  • A streamlined approach to working with hospitals and their data.  ChimeData has familiarity with hospital data that minimizes work for hospitals.  Plus, standard processes and implementation protocols make it easy to do business with ChimeData and minimizes any rework.
  • State-of-the-art techniques and tools to collect and store hospital information, and provide OnDemand access to data and applications in compliance with HIPAA.  Data is encrypted, whether at rest or in motion, with firewalls and single sign-on capabilities.  ChimeData provides a high degree of security and privacy, combined with ease of access.